I’ve started to work on suspended again. This is the work I started with Alex and Laura in residence at wild goose chase/the landing in summer 16. We’re working Erin into Alex’ role so that we have multiple options. Alex took these photos. Check out her Austin-based company:

Parallele -2_previewParallele 2_preview



images from rehearsal

Coming into the weekend – some rehearsal photos from Columbia Falls –

dancing in that beautiful afternoon light…

Tina.GregTina.SusanAlysonCollette.Christian.arms.GregMerc.Susan connectC.C.G

Greg on piano.

Finding the whole.


Coming soon

wildgoosechasedance.measuring time.color

During sabbatical leave in 2017, Susan worked with composer Gregory Biss to craft nine microdances – seven for stage performance and two dance for camera works. She collaborated with dance artists over the age of 40 to investigate liveliness – and – the ways in which virtuosity is defined during various eras of a performer’s career. These dances will be performed in three arts and community centers in downeast Maine in the coming week.

For in-process photos, go into earlier posts from this year.


Thanks to Jasmine Bibbs for the beautiful poster design!




Authentic Movement Retreat at the landing

wild goose chase dance/the landing and New York Dance Therapy hosted the first Authentic Movement Retreat at the landing with seven women from the New England/New York area. After two choreographic residencies at the landing, this is the first retreat and – what a ride. As Nancy described it: a roller coaster ride to lightness!



I do love this photo. You can see all of us and – reflected in the window to the left – the space where we engaged in practice.

For those of you who are not familiar with Authentic Movement, here is a description from Suzanne:

Based on the principles of Freudian free association and Jungian active imagination, Authentic Movement is the ritual of tending to, responding from, and acting on one’s genuine movement impulses. It is a powerful way of bringing unconscious psychological material into known consciousness in the presence of a witness, allowing one to truly be in the present moment. This process of moving in the presence of another offers opportunities for a greater understanding of one’s own creative potential while directly addressing a basic human conflict between the desire and fear of being seen.

Exploring the camera in dance

As part of my sabbatical adventure, I spent some time with Jana learning the basics of Final Cut Pro, and working with her to create two short dance for camera versions of the work I did with Yunyu and Shugi, and with Loretta. It’s fascinating – so like choreographing in many ways; so unlike it in so many others! And wow – I have only just barely scratched the surface of that technology.

Jana and Susan

Jana performs with Cocodaco Dance Project in Chicago, and teaches at Foster Dance Studio. You can see her in action here, in the professional company: 

Final day at the Opera House

Greg – composer – joined us at the end of the development process. First time to experience music and dance together in the liveliness of interaction. Pure pleasure.


Thanks again to Meg, Kate, Pam, Amy, and Isaac at OHA for their support, and to Isabelle and Joe for sharing their home with us during our time in Stonington.

Continuing to build

Dancing with these two is a lively experience. Fast-paced at times and yet always with the space to address all manner of detail.


The theater at Opera House Arts is ideal for crafting solo and duet work.  In this closely knit space, you can feel the immediacy of a decision made/investigated.

Round two at the Opera House

Collette, Christian and I will be working on two of Greg’s compositions while in the residency. These two have known each other for 24 years and – while they have long danced together – never danced a duet. There is something magical about working with two people who know each other so well, who have already established a foundation of trust on which to build/on which to fly.


Goss Granite porchcloseup.passing