The French Adventure

1.Hannah look under D.s arm

My parents’ 59th wedding anniversary also marked the European premiere of wild goose chase dance Spine at the Centre Nacional de la Danse Contemporaine in Angers (FR). Hannah Ernest Requa and Domingo Estrada, Jr. performed this 2013 duet in the CNDC theatre, a space both intimate and expansive, to an audience that received them with their ‘bravos.’ Hannah is co-artistic director of the Chicago-based company newfangled, a member of both wgc and ImPulse Dance in the metroplex, one of the founders of FurtherDance, and co-director of the dance program at Arlington Heights High School in Fort Worth. Domingo is a member of the Mark Morris Dance Group based in NYC.

Click this Merry-go-round link – it’s a magical video capture from nearby Nantes – a French goose, and her young charge, in flight.


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