feasting uncertainty is in tech

In September, Alex Masi and I traveled to Tampa FL to be in residence with a group of beautiful and inspiring dancers at the University of South Florida. We re-worked feasting uncertainty, a 2006/2007 dance that earned a spot on the ACDA gala in South Central.  Andee Scott drove the residency from her end, and Alex, along with Laura Mobley (USF grad), danced the group into a new configuration of feasting over the five days we were together.  We took the second section from the original group to a duet, fine-tuning the essential edginess of the dance. Here are a few photos that include Alex and Laura; more to come of the dancers this week as they near performance. If you know anyone in Tampa/St. Petersburg, send them to the theater on USF campus:  November 6-8 and 13-15.

Fernando Laura THursSDR   Susan&Alex

Photos by Alex Masi:  Laura and Fernando working out a spiraling lift; rehearsal process; SDR and Alex post-residency

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