A Modern Night at the Folly

wild goose chase dance will tour to Kansas City MO next week to perform in a yearly showcase, A Modern Night at the Folly, produced by City in Motion Dance Company. The Folly Theater is a fabulous antique theater – originally on the vaudeville circuit and later a burlesque house. The performance is Saturday, February 6th at 8 pm. If you have friends in the area, please encourage them to come.  http://pressreleases.kcstar.com/release/messages/78587/

I have several photos from a recent rehearsal that show the off-kilter nature of this work and the exciting physicality that Hannah Requa and David Cross possess. Hannah dances full-time with Bruce Wood Dance Project  http://brucewoodance.org and David with Dark Circles Contemporary Dance http://www.darkcirclescontemporarydance.com


close up.pagesHannah flying


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