the beginning of the beginning

In finishing this year, I am starting my sabbatical leave. I’m working with composer Greg Biss. He is on the path to creating 13 short piano pieces in homage to Robert Schumann’s Kinderzsenen. I’ve been loosely referring to it as “The Kinderzsenen Project” but it has become more a measure of time.

I’ll be working with several established dance artists to create incredibly short works. Hence, one of my challenges: How to make a 1:40 minutes dance in all fullness?  Or (this feels even more difficult) – a :33 second dance? One path is a return: the return to the virtuosity of simplicity. Thanks to Lalitaraja for sending me in that direction.

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After two+ years in the planning stage, yesterday was the first day in the studio. Thanks to a TCU Research and Creative Activity grant and the generosity of my friends, Shugi, Tung, and Yunyu, I am in Taipei for this first adventure. Shugi and I actually began with a two-hour TaiChi class. Moving breath, energy, heat. Later, in the studio we started to talk about games, ended up building a chain of rubber bands on the spot with a cache found in the office, off lunch boxes. We strung them up in parallel as she did as a child, and then I watched Shugi find a long forgotten jumping pattern in her body.

We humans do – already – time travel. Body as transport.

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