living space

The last day that Shugi, Yunyu and I worked together, we were in a long hallway at TNUA.  After filming the material from different angles several times, I became intensely drawn in to the quiet dance that was moving the space around me. Shugi and Yunyu had begun to stir space while holding time; they had shifted past the mechanics of the choreography and were ritualizing the silence into motion. It was meditative. It was vibrant. It was timeless. The dancing they were doing had a particular, luminous yet direct virtuosity.


I imagined that working this series with seasoned performers, I would experience new ways of understanding virtuosity.

What does virtuosity mean at this age? At least one answer is this: holding the space of time.

One thought on “living space

  1. I would love to be one of your “seasoned” performers. These days I enjoy dancing the stillness and silence as much as the motion and rustlings.


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