in light of time

The development of a dance – for me – is always about the gathering and then culling of ideas. Mostly those on being and becoming. All ideas live afloat in my surrounds and as I get closer to studio work, I start to sift through them. Questions guide the sifting process as well as the dance-making process; the ideas that remain help to establish context and content.

Prior to getting together, conversations with Loretta turned toward scale. This happened in part because Loretta finds fascinating the photographs of Robert Hite, and his play with scale.  This work by Hite became part of the conversation about the nature of  looking back in time – realizing that when one is small, all things material register differently in size than they do later in life. What once seemed to scale – if not large – now feels somewhat miniature.

Thus our point of departure: miniatures for the mind and the imagination – translated through the body in motion…

Loretta hand

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