Exploring the camera in dance

As part of my sabbatical adventure, I spent some time with Jana learning the basics of Final Cut Pro, and working with her to create two short dance for camera versions of the work I did with Yunyu and Shugi, and with Loretta. It’s fascinating – so like choreographing in many ways; so unlike it in so many others! And wow – I have only just barely scratched the surface of that technology.

Jana and Susan

Jana performs with Cocodaco Dance Project in Chicago, and teaches at Foster Dance Studio. You can see her in action here, in the professional company:  http://www.cocodaco.com/video/ 

2 thoughts on “Exploring the camera in dance

  1. Very nice to see the great dancers moving adeptly across the screen on my phone. The larger views, which you can now produce with dancers performing any choreography you choose, will be an impressive feature available as the result of your efforts during your sabbatical. Congratulations. Well done.

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