Guests of the University

Our group was the richer for three additional folks who traveled with us as guests of the university. Suzanne Garrison is a dance/movement therapist based in Brooklyn NY. She is also licensed to facilitate Authentic Movement. Suzanne graduated from the SCCD several years ago with the degree in Ballet and Modern Dance. She performed professionally and taught before returning for the masters at Pratt. Suzanne has such a keen eye for the details of how the body holds and lives experience in a wordless but highly communicative manner. She was quick to help all of us link dance and life, and realize that this trip was all about dance, and not about dance at all!   and


Ethan Casey is an author, storyteller, journalist, editor, traveler. He is working on commission to create a book about the TCU QEP (Quality Enhancement Program) – a program that privileges the creation of meaningful and sustained engagement for students as they learn to live in the world beyond the borders of the USA.  Ethan is a thoughtful man, and brought a life time of experience and perspective to our conversations. He is passionate about language and chooses his words deliberately. He is also lively, and was a willing participant in the many dance experiences we had.


Michael McRay is an author, storyteller, educator, peacemaker. Michael’s experience in reconciliation and forgiveness was key in helping us understand the successes and challenges in Rwanda since 1994 and in so doing, helping us put these aspects in context with similar struggles in other parts of the world.  He is spirited – another ready dancer (Irish step dance, no less!).


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