first day of shooting


From raindrops to clothes.

Long day. Process is just hard work. Grit. Go for it. See what is possible. Stop. Back up. Try again. Keep trying to connect the dots. Even if they don’t form a linear path. Especially if they don’t form a linear path! Three steps forward. Two steps back.


Kelly and I warmed up this morning. Started building vocabulary and phrase work at 9:00am. We all moved from collective ideas – ideas to action. We started filming around 12:30pm. Can I just say….it’s cold in Maine!  Kelly is a champ; a can-do artist. A professional. We can laugh and we can  Pure pleasure to be in process with this woman. And Alex on camera – masterful. Pleasure squared.


We finished the day in the river. I’d like to say this was as picturesque as it appears to be …and it was really an adventure in mud. But truly: an adventure to be savored.

This way of being and becoming works.


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