Living Room Chronicles

I’ve been posting what I call the Living Room Chronicles on Instagram. Not regularly, and not many – but with the intention to document this time while sheltered in place with images and reflections on dance. This particular installment was a phrase I put together for the technique class I shared with Sarah Newton. This was almost two months ago – I can tell by the measure of my hair (longer now, and grayer!) This particular day, I needed to feel something besides boxed into the Zoom frame, teaching in ways that are so foreign to me for the absence of immediacy with others. So I put on a skirt rather than my sweat pants, and filmed.  You’ll see me perform it both “right and left” – first side/second side. We were working on oppositional forces as experienced through the body, weight shift, release and re-direction of weighting the body, and momentum, and tapping into sensation through sight/use of the eyes as part of the whole.

It’s not a dance – it’s a phrase. But the doing of it did bring me closer to what I do – I compose and teach in a living art form.

Music: John F. Hopkins from a disc of tunes he made for me when I traveled to Guatemala on a Fulbright award. Twenty tunes with which to teach class: they are for sale through John!

One thought on “Living Room Chronicles

  1. I really like this dance for the contrasts of “letting go” and tightly reining in the energy. The exploration of the side to side was a delight to watch. And the music…. just lovely.


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