One more bit to share: it seems that – for so long – I’ve been saying to anyone who will listen “I want to create a space where people can engage their imaginations.” I mean that both literally and figuratively. And now, I find that I have – through these last few days – been reveling in the luxuries of the spaces Collette and I worked in last week, and the generosity and vision of those who have cultivated Union Hall and the Machias Valley Grange Hall. I am taking delight, too, in reflecting on the creative space that Collette and I let fly between us. It seems that the spaces of which I have been dreaming are coming into being.

I do have one last observation about the experience: while working in both the Union Hall and the Machias Valley Grange Hall, Collette and I realized we could hear the rivers outside, tumbling through their respective falls.  There is nothing quite like the sound of cascading water to generate and sustain the imagination in flow.

Union Hall by the Pleasant River (above) and Bad Little Falls (below)

Union Hall

Bad Little Falls

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