Pale [August] Moon

This photograph has a life of its own, apart from the tone of Laura’s solo, Pale Moon. I do find it intriguing though, and not a little bit unnerving.

Laura danced Pale Moon as part of Asia Waters’ imPULSE Dance program last month. Of her performance, Cheryl Callon, writing for Theater Jones, said “Alluring hand and arm patterns flow seamlessly into a variety of floor patterns, and Barbee’s delicious musicality and ethereal quality create an absolutely captivating picture.”


Laura is performing Pale Moon tomorrow, at the invitation of Big Rig Dance Collective under the umbrella of FurtherDanceFortWorth at Arts Fifth Avenue in Fort Worth. 6 p.m.  BRDC suggests a $5 donation.

I am hoping this image makes you incline your head a bit and think “I should go see that dance…”

photo: Lacy de la Garza

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