wild goose chase/the landing

As a quick aside to the film project itself, Don and I have been working to build a residency space for artists and educators here in our village in Maine: wild goose chase/the landing. With enough room in our home to accommodate a number of guests, and the possibility of renting Columbia Falls Union Hall, I can bring in collaborators to develop projects and/or work together with other artists and educators to support their projects or offerings. Happily, I can create opportunities for exchange with our community. Last night we did just that. Don rigged a screen, David loaned his projector to the cause, and Alex, Kelly and I shared work on film – in its various forms – art, social justice, entertainment. Showing was followed with conversation. I know I use this phrase often to describe experience and while I don’t want to overuse it, when it works, it works: pure pleasure to engage in this way!

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