on watching a dance change

I have a couple of beautiful photos of Kelly. But as process has gone on, I keep forgetting to step out and take photos.


We’ve been working over the past two days to bring dimension to what Kelly is expressing; fortunate, oh so fortunate to work with an artist who has a wellspring of expressive range.


Alex and I are moving along the path we have crafted for this dance and at the same time, working to stay open to it, and listen to it intently. It’s not easy. We have a very limited amount of time to gather material. Some time yesterday this dance started to spin subtly on a related idea and, with that, we started to imagine opportunities we had not seen prior to the start of production. Yesterday, late afternoon, with very little time to move outside and capture one such opportunity before the sun set – which meant dropping another option entirely, one we had thought all along we’d shoot – we took a chance and ran with it.


Along with the core idea of fleeting, one of our partner ideas has been to show the ordinary inside the extraordinary.


So immensely grateful to be working with two such can-do women.

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