and so it goes

One phase of process morphs into another. With live dance, I would be at the stage of rehearsing and fine-tuning in collaboration with the performers in the work. (And I might still be making some major changes!) In film dance, Alex and I are at the stage of sifting and sorting, defining and re-defining this work, starting to cull to form.


I’ve posted this photo on IG. (Just created a new IG landing: wildgoosechasedance – thinking I’ll use this location to post company work specifically.). It captures something of our shift: one that is grounded in the trajectory we have that lives beside <fleeting> and that is to bring up the extraordinary inside the ordinary. I love this photo, too, for the way it conveys the closely knit collaborative and fluid nature of the work we did together the past week.

Finally – to cap off this adventure – photos of the team!

Two remarkable women with whom to collaborate, and the best PA everrrrrrrrrr.

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